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advanced green (plural advanced greens)

  1. (Canada) In some jurisdictions, a type of traffic light signal, in which the green light initially flashes while the matching light for oncoming traffic remains red, signalling drivers that they may make an unobstructed turn across the oncoming lane while the flashing continues.
    • 1993 May 5, Mike Funston, "Brampton Aims to Lure Shoppers," Toronto Star (Canada), p. BR3 (retrieved 26 May 2011):
      About 30-to-35 parking meters will be installed on Queen and Main Sts. and some left turn prohibitions will be imposed and advanced greens added at the intersection to improve traffic flow.
    • 2003 Sept. 15, Jeff Gray, "Advanced greens: Too few, too short," Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada), p. A9 (retrieved 26 May 2011):
      Bruce Zvaniga, the city's manager of urban traffic control, said Toronto's advanced greens always last for at least six seconds, and 10 seconds or more at busy intersections at peak times.