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Examples (exaggeration)

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Examples (impossibility of expression)

I can't even....

Tongue cannot utter and words cannot express, nor can the heart of man conceive what the good God has prepared for those who love him.

I cannot speak enough of this content / It stops me here; it is too much of joy. — Shakespeare, Othello 2.1.196-97


From Ancient Greek ἀδύνατον (adúnaton, an impossibility, impracticality), substantivized neuter singular of ἀδύνατος (adúnatos), from ἀ- (a-, not, un-, the alpha privative) + δύναμαι (dúnamai, to be able).



adynaton (plural adynata or adynatons)

  1. (rhetoric) A form of hyperbole that uses exaggeration so magnified as to express impossibility.
  2. (rhetoric) The expression of impossibility of expression.

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