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Old Spanish[edit]


From Latin aquaeductum, accusative of aquaeductus.


  • IPA(key): [a.ɣwaˈðu.t͡ʃo]


aguaducho m (plural aguaduchos)

  1. current, torrent
    • c. 1250, Alfonso X, Lapidario, 11v.
      […] alli do el ryo naſce ay unas muy grandes & otras pequénas como de otras piedras; non pueden traer estos aguaduchos ſi non las menores.
      […] there at the source of the river are both very large and small stones, like others, but these currents cannot carry but the smaller ones.
    • Idem, f. 62v.
      Et eſtas piedras que yazen en aquella cueua no las pueden ende auer ſi no deſta guisa. que quando crece el ryo por grand aguaducho.
      And therefore the stones that lie in that cave they cannot reach but in this manner; when the river grows and becomes a large torrent.

Related terms[edit]