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a- +‎ hind?



  1. (dialect) behind
    • 1841, Various, Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, October 9, 1841[1]:
      "You see, sir," said Mr. Smear, "that wherever that ere water has been it's left a dampness ahind it; the moistur' consekent upon such a dampness must be evaporated by ever-so-many applications of the warming-pan.
    • 1869, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Men, Women, and Ghosts[2]:
      "Watch was drunk; I crawled down ahind the whiskey.
    • 1871, Edward Eggleston, The Hoosier Schoolmaster[3]:
      "But, you see, he's been and gone and pulled back the board that you have to step on to git ahind your desk; he's been and gone and pulled back the board so as you can't help a-tippin' it up, and a-sowsin' right in ef you step there."