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airth (uncountable)

  1. (chiefly Scotland) Alternative spelling of earth
    • 1857, S. H. Hammond, Wild Northern Scenes[1]:
      I've hearn some folks pretend that it comes from the bowels of the airth, but it don't; its a thing of the air, and I've a notion it travels a mighty long way from its startin' place afore it reaches us. "
    • 1889, Annie Trumbull Slosson, Fishin' Jimmy[2]:
      "As I was tellin' ye," he said, "I allers loved fishin' an' knowed 't was the best thing in the hull airth.
    • 1901, Henry van Dyke, The Ruling Passion[3]:
      I guess there ain't nothin' on airth he loves better 'n that holler piece o' wood, and the toons that's inside o' it.