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all the way (not comparable)

  1. To the end.
    • 1892, Walter Besant, “Prologue: Who is Edmund Gray?”, in The Ivory Gate [], New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers, [], OCLC 16832619, page 16:
      Athelstan Arundel walked home all the way, foaming and raging. No omnibus, cab, or conveyance ever built could contain a young man in such a rage. His mother lived at Pembridge Square, which is four good measured miles from Lincoln's Inn.
  2. (of food, colloquial) With every typical condiment or topping.
    • 2011, Al Thomas, Quiet Places of the Heart, page 35:
      “Two dogs and a burger all the way, hold the onions on the burger; coming right up.”
    • 2017, Jane Tesh, Baby, Take A Bow:
      I wedged my way into the crowd and up to the counter. All I had to do was catch Janice's eye. She'd bring me the usual, two hot dogs all the way, and a steaming pack of artery-clogging fries.

Derived terms[edit]