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From Proto-Slavic *aže.



  1. until
    Synonym: póki nie, dopóki nie


  1. that much, so, so much so, emphasizes the scale of a quality. (usually in colocation with tak.)
    Oj, nie narzekaj, nie jest tak źle.Oh, don't complain, it's not that bad.
  2. as many as, as much as, emphasizes the amount.
    On zarabiał 3000 dolarów w zeszłym miesiącu.He earned as much as 3000 dollars last month.
  3. all the way, emphasizes the distance. (usually in colocation with an adverb.)
    On dał radę pójść tam?He managed to go all the way there?

Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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