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so much (uncountable)

  1. A particular amount, often a large or excessive amount.
    How could you eat so much?
    There is only so much you can remember.
    • 1913, Joseph C. Lincoln, chapter 13, in Mr. Pratt's Patients:
      We tiptoed into the house, up the stairs and along the hall into the room where the Professor had been spending so much of his time.
  2. A demonstrated amount.
    "So much", he replied, sprinkling a small pile of the powder on the table.


so much (not comparable)

  1. To a certain degree or extent
    Identical twins are so much alike, it is difficult to identify them.



so much (not comparable)

  1. Great in quantity, degree etc.
    There has been so much snow, I can't open the door.


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