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From Middle English amercement, from Old French amerciment and Latin amerciāmentum; equivalent to amerce +‎ -ment.



amercement (plural amercements)

  1. (law) A non-statutory monetary penalty or forfeiture, usually applied at the discretion of a court.
    • 1832, Burgh Records of the City of Glasgow, 1573-1581[1], records for year 1577, page 67:
      29 March. The quhilk daye Thomas Garnes is fund in þe wrang and amerchiament of court, for þe violent ſchuting and towking of Dauid Fleming, officiar to the Cowparis, on frydaye laſt.
      29 March. The day which Thomas Garnes is found in the wrong and amercement of court, for the violent shooting and touching [beating] of David Fleming, officer to the Cowpers, on last Friday.