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An analemma.


From Ancient Greek ἀνάλημμα (análēmma, pedestal of a sundial).



analemma (plural analemmas or analemmata)

  1. An egg-shaped or figure-eight curve that results when the Sun's position in the sky is plotted out over the year at the same hour of mean solar time every day.
    • 1996, James B. Kaler, The Ever-Changing Sky: A Guide to the Celestial Sphere, 2002 Paperback Edition, page 169,
      People commonly encounter the equation of time in a strangely distorted figure 8, the analemma (Figure 6.5), frequently seen on terrestrial globes. The analemma is the equation of time plotted against the Sun's declination.
    • 2002, Timothy G. Feeman, Portraits of the Earth: A Mathematician Looks at Maps, page 108,
      The analemma also records the difference between local solar time and local mean time for each day of the year.
    • 2011, Renna Shesso, Planets for Pagans: Sacred Sites, Ancient Lore, and Magical Stargazing, page 58,
      The analemma's shape varies by location, but is seldom perfectly balanced.
      The ends of the analemma represent summer and winter, but if we expect the solstices to be exactly at the ends and the equinoxes to be at the crossing point, we'd be wrong.

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analemma n (plural analemma's, diminutive analemmaatje n)

  1. analemma




  1. (astronomy) analemma


Inflection of analemma (Kotus type 9/kala, no gradation)
nominative analemma analemmat
genitive analemman analemmojen
partitive analemmaa analemmoja
illative analemmaan analemmoihin
singular plural
nominative analemma analemmat
accusative nom. analemma analemmat
gen. analemman
genitive analemman analemmojen
partitive analemmaa analemmoja
inessive analemmassa analemmoissa
elative analemmasta analemmoista
illative analemmaan analemmoihin
adessive analemmalla analemmoilla
ablative analemmalta analemmoilta
allative analemmalle analemmoille
essive analemmana analemmoina
translative analemmaksi analemmoiksi
instructive analemmoin
abessive analemmatta analemmoitta
comitative analemmoineen