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From Latin angustus (narrow) and canaliculate.


angusticanaliculate (not comparable)

  1. (zoology, of an egg from pseudo-avian dinosaurs) Having a pore system in which pores are approximately 10μm in diameter and are straight, unbranching and long, with a low pore density.
    • 1999, Kenneth Carpenter, Eggs, Nests, and Baby Dinosaurs: A Look at Dinosaur Reproduction[1]:
      Angusticanaliculate: The pore canals are long, narrow, and striaght. The canals are small (0.01-0.1 mm) and not very abundant (about 3-20/100 mm2), so there is relatively less gas exchange than other pore types (e.g., multicanaliculate).

Coordinate terms[edit]