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anima (soul) +‎ -ula (small)


animula f (genitive animulae); first declension

  1. a small soul, spirit, life
    • 1611, Johannes Kepler, Strena seu de nive sexangula 11
      Has igitur rationes materialem necessitatem respicientes ita puto sufficere, ut hoc loco non existimem philosophandum de perfectione et pulrhritudine vel nobilitate figurae rhombicae: neque satagendum, ut essentia animulae quae est in ape, ex contemplatione figurae, quam fabricatur, eliciatur.
      These therefore are the reasons considering the material necessity, so I think it sufficient that at this point I do not consider philosophizing about the perfection, beauty, or nobility of the rhombic shape, nor fussing that the essence of the small soul which is in the bee is elicited from a meditation on the shape that is built.
  2. vocative singular of animula

animulā f

  1. ablative singular of animula


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative animula animulae
genitive animulae animulārum
dative animulae animulīs
accusative animulam animulās
ablative animulā animulīs
vocative animula animulae

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