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Alternative forms[edit]


From anti- +‎ cure.


anti-cure (comparative more anti-cure, superlative most anti-cure)

  1. Opposed to a cure, especially where the condition being cured may be regarded as an acceptable alternative state of being.
    • 1993, Janine Morgall Traulsen, Technology Assessment: A Feminist Perspective
      This is particularly true in the area of medical technology, where being anti-technology is equated with being anti-health and anti-cure.
    • 1999, Gary Karp, Life on Wheels: For the Active Wheelchair User
      I think many of the anti-cure people focus too much on the semantics of the word "cure." How about "fix" instead?
    • 2007, David Frum, Comeback: Conservatism that Can Win Again
      President Bush pitched his tent on the wrong ground when he set limits on embryo research — he sounded anti-science, anti-cure.