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Alternative forms[edit]


From anti-vax +‎ -er or anti- +‎ vax +‎ -er. Equivalent to anti- +‎ vaxxer.


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anti-vaxxer (plural anti-vaxxers)

  1. (informal) A person who opposes vaccination, as for its purported dangerous effects. [from c. 2000]
    Synonyms: anti-vaccinationist, (informal) anti-jabber
    Antonyms: (informal) pro-vaxxer, (informal) vaxxer
    • 2012, Amanda Marcotte, "Measles Outbreak Traced to Super Bowl, Anti-Vaccination Fanatics", Slate, 24 February 2012:
      Janice D'Arcy reports at the Washington Post on the latest measles outbreak traced back to anti-vaccination fanatics, but this time, instead of an outbreak being traced back to a Whole Foods or a nursery school---the usual places where the kids of yuppie anti-vaxxers have a chance to expose and be exposed---the trail for this one leads back to the Super Bowl.
    • 2020 November 18, Nigel Harris, “Comment: Of ministers and messaging”, in Rail, page 3:
      Like everyone else (other than anti-vaxxers, I guess), I was delighted to see the good news about the Pfizer vaccine hopefully being rolled out before Christmas.
    • 2020 November 21, Mark Hilliard, “Health officials working on strategy to overcome vaccine scepticism”, in The Irish Times[1]:
      She acknowledged the existence of a “cohort of anti-vaxers”, as well as “valid” scepticism among other parts of society given the speed at which the vaccine has been developed. But the bigger issue, she said, will be how they manage a drip feed in supply.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:anti-vaxxer.

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