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anti- +‎ gas


antigas (not comparable)

  1. (military) Countering military gas attacks.
    • 1926, United States. Surgeon-General's Office, The Medical Dept. of the U.S. Army in the World War, page 788:
      The company gas officer is responsible through his gas noncommissioned officer for taking over the antigas trench stores []
    • 1942 May-June, “War Gas and the Railways”, in Railway Magazine, page 130:
      Nevertheless, it is obvious from the elaborate anti-gas precautions which have been taken by all concerned that little reliance is placed by the Allied Powers upon the assurance of our enemies being observed in all eventualities, and enemy anti-gas precautions may be regarded not improperly as an indication of the recognition that any breach of the Geneva Protocol by a gas attack upon ourselves or our allies would be met by immediate reprisals.
  2. (pharmacology) Countering gas (condition of the digestive system).
    • 2011, Quinton Skinner, Do I Look Like a Daddy to You?, page 153:
      Antigas medicine for babies is really effective when they're newborns and seem to always have gas pain.






  1. feminine plural of antigo