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Alternative forms[edit]


anti- +‎ inflammatory


antiinflammatory (not comparable)

  1. Alternative spelling of anti-inflammatory
    • 1997 August 22, Tori Marlan, “Can Bee Stings Cure MS?”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      About 20 drugs on the market treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis, among them immunosuppressants to slow the progression of the disease, antiinflammatory drugs to shorten the duration of attacks, and interferon to reduce the frequency of attacks.
    • 2000 September 1, Gideon A. Rodan & T. John Martin, “Therapeutic Approaches to Bone Diseases”, in Science[2], volume 289, number 5484, DOI:10.1126/science.289.5484.1508, pages 1508-1514:
      Development of glucocorticoid receptor agonists with sufficient antiinflammatory action but without detrimental effects on bone that often lead to osteoporosis, would indeed be a major advance.


antiinflammatory (plural antiinflammatories)

  1. Alternative spelling of anti-inflammatory