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Alternative forms[edit]


anti- +‎ metaphysics


antimetaphysics (uncountable)

  1. (philosophy) The belief that spiritual and religious metaphysics is a delusion and pursuing it impedes the advancement of knowledge.
    • 1999, Maria Carla Galavotti & ‎Alessandro Pagnini, Experience, Reality, and Scientific Explanation, →ISBN:
      Antimetaphysics is basically a Machian heritage.
    • 2003, Anat Biletzki, (Over)Interpreting Wittgenstein, →ISBN:
      Almost nothing is more striking than the antimetaphysics imputed to Wittgenstein by those interpreters who, indeed, see him as so clearly antimetaphysical.
    • 2006, Sahotra Sarkar & ‎Jessica Pfeifer, The Philosophy of Science, →ISBN, page 459:
      At logical positivism's heart is antimetaphysics, or, to put it positively, a spirit of enlightenment and anti-metaphysical factual research


Related terms[edit]