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Alternative forms[edit]


anti- +‎ zombie


antizombie (plural antizombies)

  1. (philosophy) The inverse of the philosophical zombie; an exact duplicate of a human being which certainly and necessarily does have conscious experience, qualia, or sentience.
    • 1998, Stuart R. Hameroff, ‎Alfred W. Kaszniak, & ‎Alwyn Scott, Toward a Science of Consciousness II, →ISBN:
      Let's find that bibulous "antizombie" state of pure experience.
    • 2003, Joseph Levine, Purple Haze: The Puzzle of Consciousness, →ISBN, page 10:
      Finally, in chapter 6 I revisit certain questions, especially concerning the nature of subjectivity, in the context of an exploration of various anti-zombie arguments.
    • 2016 -, William Seager, Theories of Consciousness: An Introduction and Assessment, →ISBN:
      The perfect experiment suggests the anti-zombie: a creature which is conscious, perhaps in just one respect, as in Cohen and Dennett«s isolation of colour consciousness, but gives no sign of it.
    • 2017, Robert Kirk, Robots, Zombies and Us: Understanding Consciousness, →ISBN:
      We must all be functionalists. By demolishing the intuitions, the anti-zombie argument removes what has long been seen as a major problem for physicalism and functionalism. And by bringing out the fact that consciousness depends on a number of different information-processing capacities, that argument hints at what it really is.


antizombie (comparative more antizombie, superlative most antizombie)

  1. Opposing or countering zombies.
    • 2011, Joni Richards Bodart, They Suck, They Bite, They Eat, They Kill, page 182:
      During the second and third volumes of the series, Nathan Mather, a radical antizombie preacher, and his followers become more and more powerful []