anything but

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anything but (not comparable)

  1. Not at all; quite the contrary (of).
    It wasn't cheap. Anything but.
    It started out as a lively party, now it is anything but.
    • 1887, Karl Marx, Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling (translators), Das Kapital, Chapter 26,
      As a matter of fact, the methods of primitive accumulation are anything but idyllic.
    • 1890, Henry Cuyler Bunner, The Nice People:
      "They certainly are nice people," I assented to my wife's observation, using the colloquial phrase with a consciousness that it was anything but "nice" English, "and I'll bet that their three children are better brought up than most of----"
    • 1893, Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sinding (illustrator), William Archer (translator), Eskimo Life, Chapter II: Appearance and Dress,
      The pure-bred Eskimo would at first glance seem to most of us Europeans anything but beautiful.