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Via some other European language, ultimately a borrowing from Ancient Greek ἀπάθεια ‎(apátheia, impassibility”, “insensibility”, “freedom from emotion), from ἀπαθής ‎(apathḗs, not suffering or having suffered”, “without experience of), from ἀ- ‎(a-, not) + πάθος ‎(páthos, anything that befalls one”, “incident”, “emotion”, “passion).




apātija f (4th declension)

  1. apathy (mental condition characterized by lack of will, activity, interest; indifference)
    apātijas stāvoklis — state of apathy
    apātijas pārņēmts cilvēks — a person taken by apathy
    viņas skatiens pauda nogurumu un apātiju — her look expressed fatigue and apathy
    Vītols juta, ka sirdi kā drēgnums apskauj drūma apātija; negribējās neko izdomāt līdz galam — Vītols felt that bleak apathy embraced (his) heart like cold weather; he didn't feel like figuring out anything
    es iegrimu apātijā; jo vairāk atplauka daba un vasarīgāks kļuva gaiss, jo melnāka man šķita nākotne — I fell into apathy; the more nature blossomed, the more it became summer, the blacker the future seemed to me


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