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Via some other European language, ultimately borrowed from Ancient Greek ἀπάθεια (apátheia, impassibility”, “insensibility”, “freedom from emotion), from ἀπαθής (apathḗs, not suffering or having suffered”, “without experience of), from ἀ- (a-, not) + πάθος (páthos, anything that befalls one”, “incident”, “emotion”, “passion).




apātija f (4th declension)

  1. apathy (mental condition characterized by lack of will, activity, interest; indifference)
    apātijas stāvoklisstate of apathy
    apātijas pārņēmts cilvēksa person taken by apathy
    viņas skatiens pauda nogurumu un apātijuher look expressed fatigue and apathy
    Vītols juta, ka sirdi kā drēgnums apskauj drūma apātija; negribējās neko izdomāt līdz galamVītols felt that bleak apathy embraced (his) heart like cold weather; he didn't feel like figuring out anything
    es iegrimu apātijā; jo vairāk atplauka daba un vasarīgāks kļuva gaiss, jo melnāka man šķita nākotneI fell into apathy; the more nature blossomed, the more it became summer, the blacker the future seemed to me


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