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Alternative forms[edit]


apostrophe +‎ -ize


apostrophize (third-person singular simple present apostrophizes, present participle apostrophizing, simple past and past participle apostrophized)

  1. To use the apostrophe figure of speech in writing or speech.
    • 1860, Charles Dickens, Great Expectations:
      "You little thought,” said Mr. Pumblechook, apostrophizing the fowl in the dish, “when you was a young fledgling, what was in store for you.
    • 1823, Sir Walter Scott., St. Ronan's Well:
      ...she resumed her former occupation, and continued to soliloquize and apostrophize her absent handmaidens, without even appearing sensible of his presence.
  2. To add one or more apostrophe characters to text to indicate missing letters.


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