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an appaloosa


Etymology 1[edit]

From the phrase "a Palouse horse", referring to the Palouse River near which they were first encountered by non-Native Americans.[1] The river is named for the Palouse region; whether the region's name is (an anglicisation of) a francisation of the Sahaptin name of the Palus people or the people's name derives from a French designation of the region as pelouse is unclear.

Alternative forms[edit]


appaloosa (plural appaloosas)

  1. (US) A breed of horse having a spotted rump.

Etymology 2[edit]

Shortening of "Appaloosa cat" (itself a shortening of "Apaloosa catfish"), after the Appaloosa (Opelousa) tribe which resided in Louisiana. The tribe's name is Choctaw, the second element of it being losa (black); the first element is variously supposed to be a term for "head" or "skull",[2] "leggings", "moccasins",[3] or "body".[4]

Alternative forms[edit]


appaloosa (plural appaloosas)

  1. (Southern US) A catfish.
    • 2005, David Francis, The Great Inland Sea, page 141:
      A big fish wends its way towards the shape the light makes, stops and sucks at air. Mottled brown and black, with a pink, appaloosa mouth.
    • 2008, Harry Noble, Me and Burnice: A Simpler Time, page 167:
      On a two-day camp out at Red Bluff on the Angelina River in East Texas, we had out twelve trotlines, fishing for mud, appaloosa, blue and channel catfish.

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  1. ^ 2002, Dave Conklin, Montana History Weekends: 52 Adventures in History, page 63: "White settlers first described the colorful native mounts as "a Palouse horse," which was soon slurred to "Appalousey."
  2. ^ 1911, John Reed Swanton, Indian tribes of the lower Mississippi Valley and adjacent coast, page 364: It is said the word appalousa, in the Indian language, means ' black head,' or 'black skull.'
  3. ^ 1905, Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, issue 257, page 232: Opelousas; town in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, named from a tribe of Indians, the name signifying " black head," or " black moccasins."
  4. ^ appaloosa” in Douglas Harper, Online Etymology Dictionary, 2001–2018.



appaloosa m, f (plural appaloosas)

  1. appaloosa (a breed of horse)