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Alternative forms[edit]


Cognate to Lithuanian arklas. From Proto-Baltic *arklas, masculine counterpart of an earlier *arklan, from *artlan, from *artron, from Proto-Indo-European *arətrom (prow) (< *h₂érh₃trom, from *h₂erh₃- (to plow) — whence also the verb art, q.v. —, ultimately from *er-, *h₁er- “sparse; to crumble, to fall to pieces,” with an instrumental suffix *-trom). Cognates include Old Irish arathar, Middle High German arl, Ancient Greek ἄροτρον (árotron), Latin arātrum. (A separate meaning of "land measure" comes from an earlier variant arklis, originally (13th century) the amount of land that could be plowed with one horse and one plow, later on much more than that; by the late 18th century, arkls and arklis had merged back into one word.)[1]




arkls m (1st declension)

  1. plow (device pulled through the ground to break it open into furrows for planting)
    vispārējas nozīmes arklsgeneral-purpose plow
    divlemešu, pieclemešu arklstwo-share, five-share plow
    zirgvilkmes arklshorse-drawn plow
    traktorvilkmes, traktora arklstractor plow
    iejūgt zirgu arklāto harness the horse to (lit. in) the plow
    iet aiz arklato go behind the plow (= to plow)
    likt pie arklato put (someone) at the plow (= to make him/her plow)
    sniega arklssnowplow (device for removing snow)
  2. machine for land amelioration work
    grāvju arklsbackhoe (lit. ditch plow)
  3. (historical, feudalism) in feudal times, a measure of land
    viena arkla saimniecībaa one arkls farm
    arklu revīzija(in feudal times) the verification of the area and value of land in farms and estates (for taxation purposes)


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