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Alternative forms[edit]


arm +‎ piece


armpiece (plural armpieces)

  1. A piece of armour that protects the arm,
  2. A decorative companion.
    • 2000, Jackie Collins, Dangerous Kiss‎, page 251:
      He'd decided to take her because she was the best looking armpiece of all, and as long as she kept her mouth shut, he'd be the envy of every man there.
    • 2004, Rique Johnson, Whispers from a Troubled Heart‎, page 120:
      Years of being his armpiece have taught her exactly how to handle this situation; she is suddenly sure of it.
    • 2007, Jane Hamilton, When Madeline Was Young‎, page 116:
      Madeline was in on the routine, and shortly after Louise exited, the swain and his armpiece departed for their outing to Little's Music Shop.