arse is gone right out of 'er

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Alternative forms[edit]


arse is gone right out of 'er

  1. (Canada, Newfoundland English) Matters, especially economic matters, have gone very wrong; things are out of control.
    • 2008 Dec. 27, Ed Smith, "The arse is gone right out of 'er," The Telegram (St. John's, Newfoundland) (retrieved 20 Dec 2015):
      We are about to leave the relative security of 2008. And about to enter what will be a desolate end to this decade. The arse has indeed gone clean out of 'er.
    • 2009 July 14, "So, gear failure (discussion in 'Photography')," at (retrieved 20 Dec 2015):
      Tracker: I got the lens working from 17 to 85mm, but aperture control and AF gave up the ghost. Just bought a replacement 17-85mm at Futureshop in St John's.
      Oldguywithacamera: Yikes! Like the Newfs say, "The arse is gone right out of 'er" warranty?
    • 2011 May 14, Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, "Newfunese" (song lyrics) (retrieved 20 Dec 2015):
      Wayne: “The financial situation is so depressing I think we’re headed for total economic collapse.”
      Kevin: “Da arse is gone right out of ‘er.”
    • 2011 July 1, David Webber, "Who's in the back of the boat?," at (retrieved 20 Dec 2015):
      A vessel flying before the wind. That can be kind of a warm fuzzy metaphor, until the wind blows a gale and suddenly, "Now luh, da arse is gone right out of er."

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