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  1. simple past tense and past participle of arse.


arsed (comparative more arsed, superlative most arsed)

  1. (Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, vulgar, slang) bothered; willing to make an effort.
    I can't be arsed to get out of bed today.
    We asked John if he wanted to come down the pub with us, but he couldn't be arsed.
    • 2008, Lynn Broadbent, Infinite Ideas Staff, Be Arsed: 365 Brilliant Ideas for Getting Off Your Backside and Living Life to the Full.
    • 2008, Guy Cullen, Loose Ends, page 2,
      You can keep all the macho bollocks that goes with the job. I can't be arsed who thinks what of me to be perfectly honest and I have no time for those that are.
    • 2011, Ray Banks. Beast of Burden, page 133,
      [] but here's the way you're supposed to run it: make out like it'll be a long, drawn out process, that you can't be arsed and that they shouldn′t be arsed because it'll probably end up doing fuck all except getting a copper pissed off at them.