as it is

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as it is (not comparable)

  1. In the actual circumstances (and often contrary to expectations).
    • 2004 Fall, Kit Coyne Irwin, “Blind Spot”, in The Kenyon Review, volume 26, number 4, page 108:
      The roosters would look awesome, their beaks fearsome weapons. A frightening thought. As it is, each rooster needed to be tethered to his own hut to keep them from pecking each other's eyes out.
    • 2008, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, A dangerous climate:
      Had you not been wearing such a fine boot, your leg probably would have broken. As it is, the bruise is a deep one.
    • 2011 March 14, “Search And Rescue Continues In Japan Disaster”, in Talk of the Nation:
      As it is, Tokyo is relatively unaffected.
  2. Already; without adding further difficulty or complexity.
    • 2010, David Zimmerman, The Sandbox:
      Right now it is too dangerous to obsess about such things. It will only make life harder, and life is hard enough as it is.
  3. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see as,‎ it,‎ is.