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Prepositional phrase[edit]

at will

  1. (idiomatic) at one's preference; as one sees fit
    I'm writing my book at will - there's no deadline or minimum word count.
    • 1460-1500, The Towneley Playsː
      I give the wit, I give the strength, of all thou seest, of breadth and length; thou shalt be wonder-wise, mirth and joy to have at will, all thy liking to fulfill, and dwell in paradise.
    • 2013, Ben Smith, "[1]", BBC Sport, 19 October 2013:
      And yet, United always carried the greater threat. Their movement in attack constantly confounded Southampton's defenders, with Rooney, Van Persie and Januzaj swapping places and eluding markers at will.

Derived terms[edit]



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