au cas où

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  • IPA(key): /o kɑ.z‿u/, /o kɑ u/


au cas

  1. in case (+ conditional or subjunctive)
    Prends un imperméable, au cas où il pleuvrait.
    Take a raincoat in case it rains.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Traditionally and according to the prescription of the Académie française, the following verb should be in the conditional mood:
    au cas où il pleuvraitin case it rains
  • However, in modern informal language, the verb is sometimes found in the subjunctive mood, though the conditional remains more common:
    au cas où il pleuvein case it rains



au cas

  1. just in case
    Prends un imperméable, au cas où.
    Take a raincoat, just in case.