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Middle English


in case

  1. Because event X may occur
    I'll take an umbrella, in case it rains. (i.e. because it may rain later)


in case of

  1. Because of the possibility of
    Take an umbrella in case of rain. (i.e. even if it's not raining, take an umbrella because it may rain later)
  2. In the event of
    In case of emergency, break glass. (i.e. if and only if there is an emergency)
    • 2012 April 19, John Branch, “Snow Fall : The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek”, New York Time:
      Elyse Saugstad, a professional skier, wore a backpack equipped with an air bag, a relatively new and expensive part of the arsenal that backcountry users increasingly carry to ease their minds and increase survival odds in case of an avalanche.

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