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auro- +‎ -phobia


aurophobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear of gold; by extension, the fear of wealth.
    • 1898, Western Druggist, Volume 20, page 258:
      If this be true, it certainly shows the power of suggestion, idiosyncrasy or aurophobia to an extent scarcely equaled by Mr. Bryan himself, who was said to be sorely distressed a short time ago on account of finding gold in his well.
    • 1961, Morris Goldstein, Lift Up Your Life: A Personal Philosophy for Our Times, Philosophical Library (1961), page 87:
      Slaves are we then to a superstition — aurophobia — for there is never enough; fear of insecurity will not be remedied by any amount, whether counted in hundreds of thousands or millions.
    • 1972, Paul Einzig, A Textbook on Monetary Policy, Macmillan (1972), page 223:
      The other main reason for the aurophobia that prevails in many quarters is that the monetary use of gold implies fixed parities, []
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