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Originally a brand name, equivalent to auto- +‎ -ped.


autoped (plural autopeds)

  1. (historical) A motorized kick scooter, used from the early 1910s through the early 1920s.
    • 1916, Illustrated World - Volume 26, page 353:
      There is no room for two on the autoped, that newest vehicle compromise between riding and walking.
    • 1917, N.A.R.D. Journal - Volume 24, page 894:
      A Baltimore drug firm, that innocently sent a delivery boy “scooting” on an autoped through Druid Hill Park on an errand, was surprised later []
    • 1917, Bench and Bar - Volume 11, page 374:
      If a motor-cycle, why not bicycles, roller skates, autopeds, "scooters," stilts, and all other means of locomotion dear to the childish heart?
    • 1965, Horizon:
      Peter Hitchman is the proud owner of another unusual motor-cycle — a French autoped dating from pre-1914 days.

Usage notes[edit]

The autoped differs from the modern electric scooter in that it had an internal combustion engine rather than an electric motor.



Borrowed from French autopède.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɑu̯.toːˌpɛt/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: au‧to‧ped


autoped m (plural autopeds, diminutive autopedje n)

  1. motorised kick scooter, autoped
  2. (Netherlands) kick scooter
    Synonym: step