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aver +‎ -al, influenced by avowal


averral (plural averrals)

  1. (nonstandard) The act of averring; an assertion of truth.
    • 1988, Jeffrey B. Loomis, Dayspring in Darkness, page 26:
      To be sure, the potentially transubstantiationist averral "God shall strengthen all the feeble knees" provides closure for "Easter Communion," a sonnet of Lent 1865.
    • 1989, Esmond J. Sanders, The Cell Surface in Embryogenesis and Carcinogenesis, page 143:
      This has been considered evidence against the concept that contacted tumor cells tend to continue unimpeded in their forward movement, despite the averral of Abercrombie (1979) that it is irrelevant whether the superimposition of cells occurs by overlapping or by underlapping as long as cell contact has occurred.
    • 2005, Elizabeth Irwin, Solon and Early Greek Poetry, page 227:
      The firm assertion that good men ... do not destroy the city ... reads almost as a defensive response, 'well don't look at us', to the forceful and yet implicit blame embedded in the averral of Solon 4.1-2 that it is not the gods who will destroy the city ... .