away with the fairies

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Alternative forms[edit]


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  • IPA(key): /əˈweɪ wɪð ðə ˈfɛəɹɪːz/


away with the fairies ‎(comparative more away with the fairies, superlative most away with the fairies)

  1. (idiomatic) To be not not all there, to be slightly crazy.
    • 2000, Peter Watt, Cry of the Curlew,
      Now, I know the story is away with the fairies, but he produces a body and I take him down to the station to talk to the detectives.
    • 2001, Finola Moorhead, Darkness More Visible,
      That was so ridiculous I laughed. A smile would crack Alison's poetic persona so she looked serious. She put her thin hand to her cheek like a lady writer in a photograph with eyes that could penetrate surfaces. She was certainly away with the fairies.
    • 2005, Ben Wright and Michael Patrick Shiels Good Bounces and Bad Lies,
      Hobday was wild, mad, and totally away with the fairies.