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Alternative forms[edit]


From axe +‎ man.


axeman (plural axemen)

  1. A man who wields an axe.
    Coordinate term: axewoman
    • 1996, Steve L. Kent, Microsoft Age of Empires: Inside Moves, page 69:
      If you charge into the Upper Egyptians head-on, they may pepper your axemen with arrows from on top of the cliff.
  2. (informal, music) A musician who plays a guitar or saxophone.
    Synonym: saxophonist
    • 1981 June 18, Kurt Loder, “Rolling Stone”, in Anchorage Daily News / King Features Syndicate[1], page G6:
      Ex-Aerosmith axeman Joe Perry has finished recording his first solo effort, "I've Got the Rock 'n' Rolls Again."