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bög c

  1. (slightly colloquial) a male homosexual; gay, fag, queer, poof
  2. (slang) a (male) person with an obsession for something, märkesbög ("brand fag"), prylbög ("gadget fag")
  3. (slang) a prison informant; only in the compound golbög; snitch, rat


Declension of bög 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative bög bögen bögar bögarna
Genitive bögs bögens bögars bögarnas

Usage notes[edit]

The word bög (in the meaning "male homosexual") has in the past two decades evolved from being a highly offensive and derogatory term to a word used by homosexuals to describe themselves in a conscious effort to rid the word and the concept it describes of their taboo status. It can nowadays be used in most mediums (including newspapers and national media broadcasts) as a fairly neutral and innocuous term, although context still dictates whether the use of the word is considered derogatory or acceptable.

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