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back +‎ heel


backheel (plural backheels)

  1. (soccer) A kick played by the heel which typically travels in the opposite direction from which the player is facing.
    • 2011 October 1, Phil Dawkes, “Sunderland 2 - 2 West Brom”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      [Bendtner was central to it at all, firstly firing home, via a deflection off Gareth McAuley, after being teed up by Sebastien Larsson's neat backheel, and then a minute later crossing for Elmohamady to head in an equaliser.
  2. (wrestling) A method of tripping or throwing by getting the leg back of the opponent's heel on the outside and pulling forward while pushing his body back.



backheel (third-person singular simple present backheels, present participle backheeling, simple past and past participle backheeled)

  1. (soccer) To perform such a kick.
    • 2020 August 1, David Hytner, “Aubameyang at the double as Arsenal turn tables on Chelsea to win FA Cup”, in The Guardian[2]:
      Mount’s low cross deflected, Olivier Giroud backheeled for Pulisic and Arsenal’s defenders seemed to react in slow motion.
  2. (wrestling) To perform such a trip or throw.