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back +‎ -sie


backsie (plural backsies)

  1. (often plural) The act of taking back; the cancellation of something said or of an agreement.
    • 1986, Alice Bach, The Meat in the Sandwich, page 136:
      No backsie no matter what.
    • 1999, Mary Bolte, A Guide for Using Bedtime for Frances in the Classroom, page 48:
      Talk about times when you had a backsie or gave something back to someone.
    • 2012, Kate Hoffmann, The Mighty Quinns: Ronan: The Mighty Quinns: Marcus, page 83:
      Whenever one of us would say something nasty, she'd ask if we wanted a backsie, which meant we could take it back before anyone heard it.
  2. (often plural, jacks) The act of going through a sequence of moves in reverse.
    • 1956, Jacks, page 9:
      And then you play Backsies again if you're playing that way.
    • 1961, Patricia Evans, Rimbles: A Book of Children's Classic Games, Rhymes, Songs, and Sayings:
      In the eastern part of this country BACKSIES is played by some people after each game, and you're not through with a game until you've played it.
    • 1970, Marta Weigle, Follow my fancy: the book of jacks and jack games, page 12:
      When a player gets through sixies, he then starts on a backsie of the regular game.
  3. (childish) The back.
    • 1985, Dorothy Einon, Play with a purpose:
      A mimsy, a clapsy, I roll my hands, touch backsie, My right hand, my left hand, High as the sky, low as the sea, I touch my knee, and my heel, and my toe, And over we go.