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bad-boy (plural bad-boys)

  1. attributive form of bad boy
    • 2012, Jackie Collins, L.A. Connections, →ISBN:
      Cherie lasted exactly one week before being discovered by one of the customers – Howie Powers – the bad-boy son of a rich business executive.
    • 2013, Dennis Rodman, ‎Jack Isenhour, I Should Be Dead By Now: The Wild Life and Crazy Times of the NBA's Greatest Rebounder, →ISBN:
      While I had my crazy moments, mostly surrounding the breakup with my first wife and separation from daughter Alexis, I didn't really begin racking up my own bad-boy credentials until my first season with the San Antonio Spurs in 1993-94.
    • 2013, CJ Carmichael, Promise Me, Cowboy, →ISBN:
      As for Chelsea—was it really possible she was in the midst of a hot and heavy affair with that rich, bad-boy, oil magnate from California?
    bad-boy attitude
  2. Alternative form of bad boy
    • 2015, Stephen Jarosek, Tyrants of Matriarchy, →ISBN:
      He wants to understand how proximity relates to women's preference for bad-boys who are not interested in monogamous relationships, and who nonetheless finish up with "more female attention than they can reasonably handle."
    • 2016, Curtis L Alcutt, Of the Dark, →ISBN:
      We then pull the boat out, close the door, and bust this bad-boy open!