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bad boy (plural bad boys)

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see bad,‎ boy.
  2. A man whose rebellious nature makes him attractive to women.
  3. (slang) A male criminal.
  4. (figuratively, slang) An undesirable task.
    Let's get this bad boy done!
  5. (slang) A powerful or impressive product or item.
    • 1949 November-December, Low, Floyd E., “Keep that pitch UP!”, in The Instrumentalist, volume 4, Association for the Advancement of Instrumental Music, page 38:
      Many school music teachers and directors are not primarily clarinetists and, knowing little of the subtle intricacies of this "bad boy" of instruments, can teach little more than the fingering.
    • 1988, Writers Forum[1], number 14-17, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs:
      [] he groaned as he twisted his arm over his head to follow the groove to the right wheel well, "if this bad boy connects right there, then it can't be a light."
    • 1992 November 16, “The POWERstation 220: Here today. More tomorrow. [Advertisement]”, in InfoWorld, volume 14, number 46, page 137:
      So isn't it time you took this bad boy for a test drive?

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