bad ass

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bad ass (plural bad asses)

  1. Alternative form of badass
    • 2011, G.B. Sonny Clayton, Long Journey Back, →ISBN, page 50:
      He was said to be a bad ass, so I guess he had to try to take me down a notch.
    • 2012, David R. Koepsell & Robert Arp, Breaking Bad and Philosophy: Badder Living through Chemistry, →ISBN:
      Shaving his head, he becomes the “bad ass” that his son addresses him as when he sees the chemo-induced haircut.
    • 2013, Richard Quarantello, Surviving the Warzone: Growing Up East New York Brooklyn, →ISBN, page 27:
      Everyone in school was 'bad ass, and even if you weren't, you would have to act like you were a bad ass to keep everyone else off balance.


bad ass (comparative more bad ass, superlative most bad ass)

  1. Alternative form of badass
    • 2010, Lorna J. Brunelle, Dirty Bombshell: From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous!, →ISBN, page 189:
      Pre-cancer, I always wanted to be a little more bad ass.
    • 2010, Dale W. Rogers, Imminent Danger, →ISBN:
      Sure enough, big, ole, bad ass football player was already there with his shirt off warming up.
    • 2015, Xavier Cockroachal Damon, You Is All a Bunch of A-holes, →ISBN:
      The people who flock to the movement do so with a bloodlust frenzy of who they see as this really bad ass dude, a cool bad ass dude because mass beheadings, well, gee, yeah, cool.
    • 2016, ReBecca Benamati, The Bullier, →ISBN:
      He was a really bad ass kid because he was so bad in that school.