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badger +‎ -er


badgerer (plural badgerers)

  1. One who badgers.
    • 1826, William Cobbett, Cobbett's Weekly Register[1], page 587:
      All other persons rejoice at his being exposed: the Ministerial people, because they get rid of a sturdy badgerer ; and the Radicals, because they saw in him a deceptious friend.
    • 2006, Denis Clifford, Quick & Legal Will Book, Nolo, →ISBN, pg. 6:
      Since you've bought this book and intend to make a will, I won't badger you with dire warnings about what would happen if you die without a will. (Anyway, I've never been an effective badgerer.)
  2. A dog used in baiting badgers.
    • 1883, Richard Doddridge Blackmore, Cripps, the Carrier: A Woodland Tale, publ. S. Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, pg. 417:
      And when the second-best ambition of his life arrived by coach — that notable dog, "Pablo" — if Christopher could have sniffed lightest scent of Beckley, or Shotover, in the black dog- winkles of his nostrils, the odds are ten to one that Oxford never would have sighed (as all through the October term she did) at the loss of her finest badgerer.