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bait +‎ -er


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  • Rhymes: -eɪtə(ɹ)


baiter (plural baiters)

  1. Agent noun of bait; one who baits, as a fishhook.
    • 1853, Lorenzo Sabine, Thomas Corwin, Report on the Principal Fisheries of the American Seas, p. 183:
      The baiter stands amidships, with the bait-box outside the rail: with a tin pint nailed to a long handle he begins throwing out bait, while every man stands to his berth.
    • 1999, Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea, page 52:
      The hook is easily big enough to pass through a man's hand, and if it catches some part of the baiter's body or clothing, he goes over the side with it.
    • 2005, Susan R. Playfair, Vanishing Species: Saving the Fish, Sacrificing the Fisherman, page 65:
      When baiting the hooks, the baiter also straightens any bent hooks, replaces worn or damaged ganglions or hooks, and untangles snarls in the line
  2. (Internet, slang) A troll who deliberately posts aggravating messages on a message board to elicit responses.

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