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From baan (job) +‎ -en- +‎ pool


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  • Hyphenation: ba‧nen‧pool


banenpool m (plural banenpools, diminutive banenpooltje n)

  1. a labour pool

Usage notes[edit]

In the Netherlands, a labour pool is an intrument that seeks to create additional job opportunities for those elements (especially the unemployed) in the society that are difficult to place in the job market. According to the new legal scheme, this pool applies to jobseekers who have been unemployed for three years or more and is administered by a public organization on a municipal or a provincial level. In essence, this measure differs from an employment pool (arbeidspool), which is usually a privately-owned organization whose goal is to allocate skilled workers to job vacancies in a network of companies based on the actual demand for labour in the market.

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