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From Arabic بَقِيَ (baqiya). The final root letter was added by analogy: When began to be vowelised, the paradigm generally remained distinct from the paradigm of actual vocalic verbs on the basis of vowel colour; compare smajt (I heard) from sama’, Arabic سَمِعَ (samiʕa), versus bdejt (I began), from beda, Arabic بَدَأَ (badaʔa). However, in the verb baqa’ the vowel colour had been influenced by the preceding q (bqajt), and thus was it eventually integrated into the -class. Compare the same in ltaqa’ (to meet), from اِلْتَقَى (iltaqā).





baqa’ (imperfect jibqa’, verbal noun baqgħa)

  1. to remain, to stay
  2. to agree
  3. Used with a following active participle to convey a continuous action
  4. Used with an intransitive verb in the imperfect to convey a habitual or repeated action
  5. Used with a transitive verb in the imperfect to convey a continuous action


    Conjugation of baqa’
singular plural
1st person 2nd person 3rd person 1st person 2nd person 3rd person
perfect m bqajt bqajt baqa’ bqajna bqajtu baqgħu
f baqgħet
imperfect m nibqa’ tibqa’ jibqa’ nibqgħu tibqgħu jibqgħu
f tibqa’
imperative ibqa’ ibqgħu