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bar-b-que (countable and uncountable, plural bar-b-ques)

  1. (informal) Alternative spelling of barbecue
    • 2010, Marie L. Schoendorf, Treasured Memories: Inspirational Stories for the Soul, page 370:
      I watch as neighbors and friends enjoy bar-b-que cookouts, now that it is summertime.
    • 1992 March-April, Tampa Bay Magazine, volume 7, number 2, page 96:
      But whatever your choice, it's the smoky taste enhanced by a unique sauce that bar-b-que buffs will travel miles for.
    • 1973 August-September, Shirley Searcy, "Family Style Bar-B-Que Sauce", in Ebony Jr., volume 1, number 3, page 36:
      Every family has its own secret way of making bar-b-que sauce.