bathing box

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bathing box ‎(plural bathing boxes)

  1. (Britain, Australia) A beach hut.
    • 1999, Clarice Beckett, Rosalind Hollinrake, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Clarice Beckett: Politically Incorrect, page 28,
      Boatsheds and bathing boxes were strung along the beaches of Port Phillip Bay for the shelter of boats as well as the bodies of the affluent.
    • 2002, Alex Miller, Conditions of Faith, page 3,
      She watched until her father reached the wreck, waiting until he turned and began the return swim, then she started up the beach toward the tea-trees and the line of gaily painted bathing boxes.
    • 2004, Peter McNiff, Stories from a Small Town: Anecdotal History Of Greystones, County Wicklow, page 45,
      His father had a franchise from the Burnaby estate that allowed only him to put bathing boxes on the south beach for which he paid a rent of perhaps a shilling per box.