bathing box

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bathing box (plural bathing boxes)

  1. (Britain, Australia) A beach hut.
    • 1999, Clarice Beckett, Rosalind Hollinrake, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Clarice Beckett: Politically Incorrect, page 28,
      Boatsheds and bathing boxes were strung along the beaches of Port Phillip Bay for the shelter of boats as well as the bodies of the affluent.
    • 2002, Alex Miller, Conditions of Faith[1], page 3:
      She watched until her father reached the wreck, waiting until he turned and began the return swim, then she started up the beach toward the tea-trees and the line of gaily painted bathing boxes.
    • 2004, Peter McNiff, Stories from a Small Town: Anecdotal History Of Greystones, County Wicklow[2], page 45:
      His father had a franchise from the Burnaby estate that allowed only him to put bathing boxes on the south beach for which he paid a rent of perhaps a shilling per box.