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bedded (not comparable)

  1. (often in combinations) Furnished with one or more beds; Having (a particular number or type of) beds
    • 1903, Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry - Volume 2:
      S.L.M., Ward 20, sleeps in a two-bedded room with D.L.M., over the laundry.
    • 1917, The Imperial Government Railways of Japan, An Official Guide to Eastern Asia, page 336:
      Please reserve one single-bedded and two double-bedded rooms for tomorrow.
    • 2000, Terry Gould, ‎David Uttley, A History of the Atkinson Morley's Hospital 1869-1995, page 21:
      To the right of the superintendent's accommodation were the male, large 20-bedded and the small 5-bedded wards, and to the left the same lay-out of accommodation for female patients.
    • 2021, Edith Nesbit, The Magic City:
      'Don't,' it said angrily, looking back over its shoulder into the feather-bedded room, 'don't, I say. [] '
    three-bedded room
  2. Having gone to bed.
    • 1780, James Robertson, Poems, page 255:
      All silent the bedded house, Silent as the tread of mouse, Save where House-maid Bridget keeps Snoring Orgies as she sleeps , And the Cricket's tender throat , Gives a shrill, unvaried note;
    • 1849, James Kennedy, Poems and prose tales, page 103:
      His bedded children dumb as death, Nor dared to speak aboon their breath;
    • 1884, Clarence Deming, By-ways of Nature and Life, page 351:
      Now and then a member of a bedded family would make a dash for a moment to seize something to eat, and then retire quickly to cover to make his meal.
  3. Having sexual experience; not a virgin.
    • 1630, John Boys (Dean of Canterbury.), The Workes of Iohn Boys, etc, page 927:
      the Queene, as being (I speake in the language of Canaan) the wedded and bedded wife to the king of glory .
    • 1851, The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, page 525:
      Margaret, his "spouse" accuses John of impotency, having been his bedded wife for upwards of two years.
    • 1992, Shashi Tharoor, Show Business, page 187:
      OK, not your lawfully wedded wife, but what was it that witch Radha Sabnis called me –your "awfully bedded wife."
    • 2012, Jane Ohlmeyer, Making Ireland English, page 177:
      He began his account by noting that Cassandra 'is a married, nay a bedded wife; your Francis hath lain with a wench' and then related how the groom had acquitted himself:
  4. Lying flat.
    • 1601, William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark:
      And, as the sleeping soldiers in the alarm, Your bedded hair, like life in excrements, Start up and stand an end.
    • 1956, Louis Anthony Panek, Principles of Reinforcing Bedded Mine Roof with Bolts, page 1:
      A second companion report presents a method for designing systems of vertical bolts to reinforce bedded roof.
    • 1994, Victor A. McFarland , Joan U. Clarke, Charles H. Lutz, A. Susant Jarvis, Brian Mulhearn, Francis J. Reilly, Jr., Bioaccumulation Potential of Contaminants from Bedded and Suspended Oakland Harbor Deepening Project Sediments to San Francisco Bay Flatfish and Bivalve Mollusks:
      Higher levels resulted from exposure to bedded than to suspended sediment in all cases except in clams and mussels exposed to OHDP Outer sediments (Table 16).
  5. Forming or containing a bed or beds (a horizontal deposit of a mineral or ore).
    • 1956, Louis Anthony Panek, Principles of Reinforcing Bedded Mine Roof with Bolts, page 1:
      This is largely because of their use in coal mines, although roof bolts are used in mining bedded deposits of all kinds potash (New Mexico) , trona (Wyoming), and ores of iron (Alabama), lead (Missouri) , uranium (Utah), lead-zinc (Utah), and copper (Michigan and Arizona).
    • 1983, D. M. Roy, Selection and Durability of Seal Materials for a Bedded Salt Repository, page 3:
      The acceptance of bedded salt as a viable nuclear waste repository will in part be dependent upon demonstration of the ability to effectively isolate those man-made penetrations, i.e. shafts, boreholds, and tunnels common to the repository site.
    • 2004, Shanchi Peng, ‎Loren E. Babcock, ‎Huanling Lin, Polymerid Trilobites from from the Cambrian of Northwestern Hunan, China, Volume 1, page 39:
      Grayish black, medium-bedded, laminated packstone bearing limestone concretions, intercalated with light-gray, thin-bedded grainstone.
    • 2016, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering: From the Past to the Future, page 34:
      This leads to a different bedding situation throughout the annular gap dividing the segmental lining into a fully bedded and partially bedded area as shown in Figure 3.
  6. Growing or arranged in a bed or beds (garden plot or area in which a large number of plants, seaweed, or shellfish are found together.)
    • 1876, Philip Gilbert Hamerton, The Sylvan Year ; The Unknown River, page 97:
      Who lovest to see the hamadryads dress Their ruffled locks where meeting hazels darken And through whole solemn hours dost sit and hearken The dreary melody of bedded reeds In desolate places, where dark moisture breeds
    • 1958, University of Arizona. Agricultural Experiment Station, Report - Agricultural Experiment Station, page 76:
      The cover crops mentioned are superior to a constant use of inorganic fertilizers were a continuous cropping of bedded vegetables are grown.
    • 1917, James Dickson, “Some Old English Gardens”, in Garden and the Gardeners' Chronicle, volume 21, page 244:
      The arrangement of the great bedded garden is circular and unusual , and the blaze of color is attained by boldy contrasting the vari- ous hues to secure rich effect.
  7. (often in combinations) With a bedding of straw, sand, woodchips, or similar covering the floor.
    • 1965, D. L. Ballee, ‎Joseph Hover Stafford, ‎Kirk Leland Athow, Effect of Ration Preparation on Performance and Occurrence of Ulcers in Growing-finishing Swine, page 7:
      Hogs in the non-bedded house had significantly longer carcasses ( P < .01 ) than hogs in the bedded house.
    • 2007, Jeffrey Rushen, ‎Anne Marie de Passillé, ‎Marina A. G. Keyserlingk, The Welfare of Cattle, page 148:
      Loose housing with a bedded area overcomes the problem of mobility and allows physical contact between animals, but the animals are still housed in a restricted space and may not be able to escape completely from an aggressive dominant cow.
    • 2017, J. K. Shearer, Lameness in Cattle, page 229:
      Various epidemiologic studies have shown a significantly higher prevalence of lameness in herds using mattress-based freestalls compared with deep-bedded stalls (mostly sand).
    • 2020, Heidi M. Waldrip, ‎Paulo H. Pagliari, ‎Zhongqi He, Animal Manure, page 38:
      Some manure handling systems incorporate sand separating equipment or sand-settling lanes to separate the sand from the sand-laden manure to be able to recycle the sand and use it in the sand-bedded freestalls.
    • 2023, Frans J.M. Smulders, ‎Bo Algers, Welfare of production animals, page 95:
      In straw bedded pens pigs take less time for lying down, spend more time lying laterally and sows show increased total lying time.

Derived terms[edit]



  1. simple past and past participle of bed