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From begift +‎ -ing.


begifting (uncountable)

  1. The act or process of giving or bestowing gifts; endowment.
    • 1977, Deborah Pellow, Women in Accra: options for autonomy:
      Just as she knows that she has every right to expect begifting and support, so he knows that he can expect sexual favors.
    • 1994, Jenifer Levin, Water dancer:
      The more heinous and violent the crime, the greater the gifts. In this manner the perpetrator was once more urged to become a member of the community. He was absorbed back through this elaborate process of begifting.
    • 2011, Elsa De Visser, Interlinked:
      Good music can hold us enwrapped as with a begifting as well. One gets the more involved in listening to music, mostly classical, when it seeps in to you to the very soul.



  1. present participle of begift
    • 1974, Ronnie Dugger, Our invaded universities:
      With bitterness then, he blamed the Texan and the young law students, accusing them of causing the university more than $600000 worth of damage and discouraging others from begifting it.