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Inherited from Old Spanish vermejo (red), from Vulgar Latin *vermiclus, syncopated form of Latin vermiculus (little worm), from vermis (worm), ultimately in reference to Kermes vermilio, a species of scale insect used to make a crimson dye. Compare Portuguese vermelho. Compare also Proto-Slavic *čьrvenъ (red), which is a passive participle of *čьrviti (to dye using *čьrvь), where *čьrvь is a kind of worm used as a red dye.


  • IPA(key): /beɾˈmexo/ [beɾˈme.xo]
  • Rhymes: -exo
  • Syllabification: ber‧me‧jo



bermejo (feminine bermeja, masculine plural bermejos, feminine plural bermejas)

  1. reddish, vermilion
  2. russet, auburn

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